Village of Virgil, Illinois

The Village of Virgil, IL is located in Kane County and is less than 10 minutes away from Vital Wellness Center in the area of Elburn, IL. The village was incorporated on November 6, 1990 and had a recorded population of only 329 residents as of the 2010 census. Village of Virgil has a total area of just over two square miles with Route 64 passing through the center of the village. Incidentally, Virgil was the site of the Illinois earthquake’s epicenter in the early morning hours of February 10, 2010.


Many of the first settlers of the township were of Irish descent and came from New York, New England, and Canada. By 1850, the southwestern corner of Virgil Township was well inhabited. The neighboring village of Lodi, which later changed its name to Maple Park, grew with the construction of the Chicago and Galena Railroad and became the center for the Virgil Township government. Those not residing in the Maple Park area began referring to themselves as being from Virgil.

The Iowa Chicago Trail was the original route used for early cattle runs to the developing area of Chicago, and when the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad was built in 1886, it copied this route. Train access promoted growth at the stop of the Iowa Chicago Trail and Meredith Road, which became known simply as Virgil. It permitted the convenient transportation of mail, milk, goods, and passengers.

The Virgil community continued to grow with the arrival of German immigrants who painstakingly built drainage ditches by hand to reclaim the swampy land. It was because of their hard work that this land, once disregarded for settlement, came to be some of the most fertile farmland in the state of Illinois.  

Virgil has had its share of hard times through the years with the loss of its post office, shuttering of local businesses, and closing of schools. However, the determined residents of Virgil worked together to get the village incorporated in the year of 1990, after another effort to oppose the construction of a landfill within its borders. 

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Village of Virgil, Illinois

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