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If you walk into most classrooms in America, you’ll find at least one child who has been medicated for Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in 20 American children takes medication for ADD. At Vital Wellness Center, we’re committed to giving you a variety of Natural ADD Treatment resources so you can make healthcare choices that are right for your family.

ADD Defined

ADD is a neurodevelopmental disorder. If you spend some time with kindergarteners, you’ll see many of the same traits attributed to ADD because short attention spans and wiggling are normal behavior at that age. When children get older, they might be a candidate for Natural ADD Treatment if they remain hyperactive or inattentive as children their age settle down and complete their schoolwork.

There are three generally accepted forms of ADD. ADD is sometimes called ADHD because the hyperactive/impulsive form of it features hyperactivity. Some children have an inattentive state, and other children live with symptoms of both types.

Children living with inattentive ADD have difficulty with tasks that require focus and memory. These can include tasks such as completing schoolwork, organizing their desk, or keeping track of important papers or objects.

The cardinal feature of children living with hyperactive/impulsive ADD is that they are always in motion. Children with this ADD form are easy to spot in a classroom setting. They blurt out answers, can’t stay in their seats, and are very talkative.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, ADD can’t be diagnosed with a blood or other laboratory test. Instead, doctors rely on reports from parents and teachers coupled with routine physical results such as vision or hearing screenings.

What To Expect During Holistic ADD Treatment With Dr. Foss

At our Holistic ADD Treatment office, you’re at the center of everything we do, and we’ll always treat you with respect. When you come to see us, we need to know about your health, your life, and your goals for Holistic ADD Treatment. If there are therapists or specialists your child sees, we need to know about them as well. We like to coordinate our efforts to ensure your clinicians across as many settings as possible know about your Natural ADD Treatment.

Please know that we’ve worked with people in both groups, whether you’re seeing us for inattentive or hyperactive ADD. When you’re in our office, your child can pace, play with toys, or fidget if that helps them during Holistic ADD Treatment. If you’re an adult who has difficulty maintaining attention or remembering complex instructions, please don’t worry. We’ll be happy to explain something to you again or give you written information about your Natural ADD Treatment.

As we take scans and X-rays on the first visit, you’ll have to remain still for a brief moment, but you can freely move for the rest of your consultation. These imaging studies are essential because they allow us to see your spinal column’s structure and how your nervous system is working.

A properly formed and appropriately functioning spinal column is needed for your brain and the rest of your body to work correctly. The nerves of the spinal column travel everywhere in the body to send messages that tell your lungs to breathe, your heart to beat, and your postural muscles to keep you standing tall.

We examine your X-rays for subluxations. Subluxations are areas of your spine that have moved out of alignment. When the spine is subluxated, the nerves inside or near it can become irritated and stressed. This can lead to widespread malfunction throughout the body.

Benefits of Natural ADD Chiropractic Treatment

When healthy spinal alignment is restored with Holistic ADD Treatment, sensory integration, motor skills, and executive functioning are optimized. Executive functioning is what helps you reign in unhealthy impulses and maintain helpful focus. Sensory integration and motor skills help you get the information you need from your environment to move and act on it.

In addition to securing proper spinal alignment and improved neurological functioning, Natural ADD Treatment can include various treatments. As is the case with other neurodevelopmental differences, dietary changes are popular for helping ADD. Although there are many nutritional approaches for ADD, individuals with ADD can benefit from following an elimination diet.

During an elimination diet, individuals first eat foods that are unlikely to cause issues, such as apples, lamb, or carrots. You gradually add foods until digestive issues occur. Since this can be tricky, this Natural ADD Treatment is best done with medical supervision. If you persist, elimination diets can be informative. A study revealed that 30% of toddlers and preschoolers enjoyed better behavior when following an elimination diet that excluded foods that triggered behaviors.

Another popular Holistic ADD Treatment is taking supplements. While there are many supplements available, Omega-3 fish oil is well researched. One study found that omega-3 fish oil decreased ADHD symptoms and improved cognitive functioning.

Exercise is yet another non-medication method shown to improve ADHD symptoms. Studies have revealed yoga, martial arts, and ballet are helpful for individuals with ADD. Walking 30 minutes at least four days per week yields comparable results.

An increasingly popular Natural ADD Treatment is green time. A recent study revealed that spending time in nature each day had sensorimotor, social, and emotional benefits for children. Visiting Walnut Acres Farm might be an excellent way to get in some exercise while spending time outdoors.

Investigate Holistic ADD Treatment

If you’re ready to investigate Holistic ADD Treatment, Dr. Foss and the team at Vital Wellness Center want to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email to learn about Natural ADD Treatment alternatives that we offer. Scheduling an appointment is simple with our convenient online appointment scheduler.

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