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Whether you limit your sports participation to the weekends or play professionally, achieving optimal athletic performance is essential. Strength, agility, speed, and strategy distinguish good from excellent on the sports field and in life.

If you found us by searching ‘sports chiropractor near me’ online, you know there are lots of other options out there for you and we’re glad you chose us. When you visit our Sports chiropractor in Elburn, IL, you receive comprehensive, compassionate chiropractic care that supports your efforts and boosts everyone’s health. At Vital Wellness Center, we’re committed to helping you realize your physical and mental potential.

What to Expect From Our Sports Chiropractor

When you come in to consult with our Sports Chiropractor, we’ll spend time talking with you about your issues, needs, and goals in terms of sports and the rest of your life. You’ll go over the new patient forms you completed through the online link we sent so you can give us the information we need to help you. Think of it as a healthcare huddle.

Once we have a grasp of the athlete you want to be, we can look at how your body is functioning. In addition to examining your body, our Sports Chiropractor views your spine through a series of digital X-rays. You can see your images and learn what your spinal alignment says about your health from Dr. Foss.

The heart of chiropractic is neurological assessment, and computerized imaging gives us a look at how your neurological system is functioning. Your brain and nerves reveal quite a bit about your overall health in addition to your athletic performance.

When neurological scans and spinal X-rays are combined, they give us a comprehensive view of how your spinal alignment affects your neurological function. One of the main features we search for on your X-rays is spinal subluxation. Subluxation is the medical term for out of alignment. When your spine is subluxated, nerves don’t operate properly.

When your spine is not in proper alignment, nerve signals don’t make it to their destination as efficiently or entirely as they can. You can feel as if your body parts are all playing on different teams.

The sports chiropractic answer to this challenge is gently moving the spine back into a healthy alignment through chiropractic adjustment. In fact, chiropractic adjustment improved athletic performance and reduced injury rates in three out of four research studies since the 1980s. To harness this power, you simply lay down on a comfortable, padded table designed explicitly for chiropractic work as Dr. Foss gently restores your healthy spinal alignment.

At Vital Wellness, one of our adjustment areas is equipped especially for expectant moms and children. Gentle physical activity during pregnancy can keep you in better condition for labor or hitting the streets in a baby jogger after you give birth. Recent research also shows that exercise during pregnancy reduces your risk of depression in late pregnancy and after you give birth.

If you’re not currently pregnant, we also offer supervised exercise. These moves strategically target your muscles throughout your body to promote healthy spinal alignment. When you’re ready to treat your weary muscles to some detoxifying heat, you can head to our infrared sauna.

Injuries Our Sports Chiropractor Treats

While you may associate a Sports Chiropractor with treating aching backs or renegade shoulders, perhaps the most critical injury Dr. Foss treats is the one that never happens. Chiropractic care puts your spine in alignment so that your brain and spinal cord work together.

When you’re more coordinated, you move with ease and are less likely to get injured. A research team recently found that chiropractic care reduced low back pain and improved flexibility for athletes who run track and field. Less pain allows you to move without the unhealthy posture changes that people in pain make to avoid additional injury. Increased flexibility gives you access to a complete range of motion as you run.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the best of us can get smacked by a surfboard while caught in the undertow or strain an ankle after a marathon ice skating session. Accidents happen and with them come injuries. While the main area we work on is achieving optimal spinal alignment and neurological function, we’re also able to treat many common injuries including:

  • Concussion
  • Tennis elbow
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Sprained or strained muscles and tendons
  • Rotator cuff injury

Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

In addition to treating injuries, a Sports Chiropractor can help you play with less tension. Whether you’re shooting hoops or working on your serve, less tension can help you enjoy your sport with less pain and stiffness.

When your neurological system is freely communicating, your eyes, brain, and body work in concert to meet your goals. Whether you’re hoping for a home run or to improve your lap time, your body can deliver the personal best performance you’ve been craving.

Whether you run, swim, or play a team sport like hockey or baseball, so much of sports is about stats. Even if you’re not competing against anyone but yourself, there’s always a drive to go higher, move faster, and get better with each attempt. When you visit our Sports Chiropractor, you get comprehensive, data-driven care that lets you see progress.

When you come to Vital Wellness Center, you also get a Sports Chiropractor who enjoys the great outdoors and shares your love of sports. Dr. Foss personally and professionally understands the demands of an active lifestyle. He can help you achieve your athletic potential.

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