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Vital Wellness Center believes in leading as many families as possible towards optimal health using safe, natural and effective vital chiropractic care based on education, service and compassion.

Dr. Foss is the founder of Vital Wellness Center and has been entrusted and trained to adjust newborns to senior citizens. He has also been selected to adjust celebrities, including a member of the band Aerosmith. Dr. Foss, Vital Wellness Center’s experienced Elburn chiropractor, has spent and continues to spend countless hours and dollars on postgraduate education to maximize his knowledge and skills of chiropractic care, wellness education and nutrition. Dr. Foss has been or is currently associated with the following professional groups and organizations:

  • International Chiropractor’s Association (ICA)
  • International Chiropractor’s Pediatric Association
  • Illinois Prairie State Chiropractor’s Association (IPSCA)
  • Clinic Abroad Doctor – Brazil
  • Scientific Advisory Committee – Expert Editor for Generational Rescue (Jenny McCarthy Autism Foundation)

Dr. Foss loves to learn and enjoys sports and an active lifestyle. He lives with his beautiful wife Jaime, sons Mason and Gabriel, and cat Minnie.

We Are Unique


Our facility is extremely unique; not only do we help create Vital Chiropractic solutions for your most pressing health challenges, but we also develop plans to prevent illness from impacting your life.

People are living hectic lifestyles, and in our foreseeable future, we do not see this changing, but we can learn how to live better and more congruently. Therefore, we hope that our facility will become your “go-to source” for everything health and wellness. We would be honored to have you schedule your complete wellness consultation in order to begin the process and start to live better than ever before!

The “status quo”, as we define it, is the set of beliefs that people acquire regarding their health that they then consider as “THE TRUTH”.

Did you realize that our country continues to become more overweight and obese, yet the number of “FAT FREE” items has increased dramatically?

Did you realize that for the first time in history our children are not forecasted to live past the age of their parents?

Did you realize that, according to the American Medical Association, the third most likely thing you will die of as an American is now a medication that was properly prescribed?

Unfortunately, these questions are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are also the reason why we are extremely unique.

We offer people all natural, noninvasive, and completely customized healthcare solutions that focus on an inside-to-outside philosophy. The Central Nervous System is the master controller of your entire body and when there is interference, your body will not perform at its full potential. This interference is called a subluxation, and as chiropractors, we have been trained to find and remove this nerve interference which will help you achieve optimal health.

We see patients ranging from all ages (even newborns) and with a variety of conditions. We connect like-minded people who are looking to live with more vitality than ever before.

What Makes Us Better

The Insight Subluxation Station (Stress Analysis)

This enables our practice to develop a comprehensive picture of a patient’s neurospinal health by consistently and reliably measuring key physiological parameters, including an evaluation of your NeuroSpinal health. We are then able to identify problems with confidence on the initial exam, and with re-exams, accurately measure outcomes to evaluate progress and guide further care.

Perhaps most impressively, the Insight has been used in NASA’s space program and has been Space Certified by the Space Foundation.


neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner

This instrument monitors skin temperature to assess autonomic nervous system function.


sEMG Static/Dynamic

This highly researched chiropractic tool provides accurate readings of paraspinal muscle activity and neuro-muscular energy expenditure.



The neuroPULSE can be used to collect Heart Rate Variability data and monitor the balance and activity of the entire autonomic nervous system.



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