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Car accidents injure almost three million Americans each year. Drivers and passengers in such incidents face stress, pain, and lost productivity. At Vital Wellness Center, our chiropractor for car accident injuries works to reduce or eliminate pain, restore range of motion, and facilitate excellent health choices for patients that have been involved in car accidents. The following overview presents some frequent car accident injuries, what we can do to help, and some important reasons to schedule a consultation after a car accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are unpredictable because weather conditions, the size of the vehicles, and even the position of the headrest can have an effect on the extent or type of injuries sustained in a crash. The course of a patient’s recovery can also be affected by their level of health before the occurrence of an accident.

One of the most common car accident injuries we see at Vital Wellness Center is whiplash. When the head is violently thrust forward and backward during the impact of an accident, whiplash occurs. Neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments become strained as they are stretched beyond their normal range of movement.

Car accidents frequently cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI). When the head is forcefully moved during the impact of an accident, the brain strikes the inside of the skull causing an injury. It then rebounds and hits the opposite side of the skull causing a second injury.

Concussions and contusions are some examples of TBI. Patients with TBI can have a wide array of symptoms since the brain is affected. The following are some common TBI symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Unusual fatigue

Receiving care following a car accident is crucial since the brain controls basic life processes such as heart rate and breathing. If left untreated, even a minor brain injury can lead to increased cognitive problems. It can also result in difficulties with coordination, movement, and balance.

Also relatively common after a car accident are injuries to the arms and legs, soft tissue injuries, and broken bones. These injuries show just how much a car accident can impact a person’s life and, even though they may appear to be the only injuries sustained, patients should be examined after an accident since there may be hidden problems such as whiplash or TBI.

Scar tissue formation is another problem that is not always apparent after an accident. It can develop as the tissues attempt to heal without treatment. If scar tissue forms around a spine that is misaligned, spinal degeneration can occur making it difficult for the spine to move correctly.

How Can Chiropractic Help Car Accident Injuries

Our car accident chiropractor offers comprehensive solutions supported by research for injuries sustained in a car accident. Many patients visit Vital Wellness Center for help with pain or range of motion, but they soon learn that we can also help with scar tissue formation and inflammation.

Pain Relief

Most people are looking for relief from pain when they search for a “car accident chiropractor near me.” Our car crash chiropractor delicately realigns the spine to minimize muscular tension and nerve compression. Neurotensin, oxytocin, and other hormones that can alleviate pain are released by hands-on chiropractic adjustment. Research has shown that comprehensive lifestyle interventions can increase overall health scores for at least a year. Therefore, our chiropractor ensures our patients understand this concept.

Restored Range of Motion

The second priority for most of our patients is getting their range of motion back. Car accidents can lead to spinal misalignment causing inflammation, promoting scar tissue formation, and reducing flexibility. Chiropractic care reduces or eliminates scar tissue-producing inflammation and realigns spinal joints which results in restored range of motion.

Reduced Inflammation

Although many patients come in for chiropractic care due to pain and limited range of motion, the treatment of inflammation is just as important. Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, but it can rapidly shift into overdrive, such as with spinal misalignment. Too much inflammation can reduce immunity, increase pain, and stall recovery. Chiropractic adjustment can help reduce inflammation and the consequences of it.

Diminished Scar Tissue Production

Another natural product of a car accident is scar tissue. The body boosts collagen production following the impact of a crash which generates scar tissue. Scar tissue needs to be monitored and treated by a qualified chiropractor since it can cause chronic pain and stiffness if left untreated.

Reasons to See Our Car Accident Chiropractor

There are several reasons why people seek chiropractic care. Some of these reasons are commonly related to quality of care and pain relief treatment. Following are a few reasons why patients choose our chiropractor for car accident injury treatment.

Fast Relief

Pain from car accidents can linger for months or even years. Patients choose Vital Wellness Center because they want quick relief. We find the source of the underlying pain, and we treat the cause immediately.

We approach movement issues in the same manner. Whether our patients have problems moving as a result of dizziness, stiffness, or other causes, we observe their movements then take therapeutic measures to bring relief.

Relief That Lasts

Powerful prescription pain medications only last for a few hours, and surgery, with all its risks, may need to be done repeatedly to maintain the desired results. Chiropractic car accident treatment includes educating patients about healthy lifestyle choices such as enhanced social support, targeted exercises, and individualized nutrition. Our focus is on improving health as well as accident-related pain relief and movement issues.

Drug-Free and Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Avoiding opioids and other medications is important to many of our patients at Vital Wellness Center. Some do not want to have to limit driving and other activities nor do they want to feel groggy. Others do not want to develop an addiction or dependency on prescription pain medications. Our practice provides these people with gentle, effective therapy that delivers pain relief without drugs.

For many patients, surgery can be a scary prospect. We do our best to help our patients avoid surgery considering it increases the risk of infections and other complications. Chiropractic interventions help to reduce pain and restore movement by realigning the spine.

We Handle the Details

A car accident injury is a traumatizing event that produces a rush of adrenaline, cortisol, and other powerful biochemicals. Most people do not realize that they are injured or even the extent of their injuries after an accident. Some injuries are not observable without medical equipment and diagnostic skills which makes them difficult to pinpoint.

We run comprehensive scans and conduct a detailed physical examination on our patients following car accidents. This gives us as much information as possible about the injuries. Although state laws vary, car insurance paperwork should be completed soon after an accident. Our team understands what car insurance companies need to know about chiropractic treatment so the claim can be processed.

Car accidents are stressful events since they involve living with pain, getting around with reduced mobility, and dealing with insurance companies. It is common knowledge that stress is not good for health. Some of our patients are astonished to learn that treatment for pain should be a priority since emotional distress can impact the transition from short-term pain to chronic pain.

Compassionate and Proactive Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Who doesn’t feel blessed to be alive after emerging from the devastation of a car accident? It can be easy to ignore the discomfort or difficulty with movement while basking in such gratitude. We want to encourage you to seek car accident injury treatment at Vital Wellness Center whether you feel injured or not. Let us help you maximize your recovery from car accident injuries by giving us a call today.

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