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Beginning in childhood, we are told to “sit up straight” during occasions such as school pictures or while sitting at the dinner table. These are sensible words, because no matter what age you are, the best way to present yourself to the world is through good posture.

There is more to posture than just appearance. Good posture properly aligns the body so that, whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, tissues, organs, and cells can function properly. 

Poor posture can cause a variety of physical problems. Although these may seem like insignificant aches and pains at first, long-term postural abnormalities can result in more serious health problems. Chiropractic care at Vital Wellness Center can help correct this problematic posture.

What Causes Poor Posture

Poor posture is sometimes associated with being lazy or “looking cool,” but an intentional effort, or lack thereof, is not always the cause of a hunched posture. Although mindset does have an impact on health, posture is a reflection of mental and physical well-being. 

We live in a body designed to move. However, the average American only spends 25% of their waking hours standing or walking. Many people sit for several hours every day, which prevents the muscles from getting as toned as they do when engaging in physical activities.

When the muscles are not equally used, some can become overworked while others are underworked. Muscles that are underworked become less flexible, which prevents them from moving through their full range of motion. Because these muscles cannot properly mobilize the joints, more issues with posture can develop.

Poor posture also affects the coordination efforts of the upper and lower portions of the body, which can lead to issues with balance. Chiropractic can correct poor posture because this type of care focuses on improving the coordination of the entire body. The muscles in the back, sides, pelvis, and buttocks continuously work together to equally distribute body weight even when the body is not moving. This keeps the body balanced. It also decreases any wear-and-tear that can worsen issues with posture.

A Look at Correct Posture

When the body is in a relaxed, neutral position, it balances the frontal appearance. The head sits comfortably on the spine, and the shoulders and hips are level on each side. From a side-view of the body, the ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles should all be in a straight line with one another.

Benefits of Correcting Poor Posture

Once posture is corrected, health can follow. Correcting posture is beneficial to physical, mental, and emotional health because the entire body is affected by it. When posture is optimized, circulation, digestion, and breathing are also improved. Chiropractic posture correction also has other benefits including: 

  • Balanced muscle tone
  • Decreased muscle fatigue
  • Less risk of strains, sprains, and back pain
  • Proper joint and spinal alignment

Top 5 Ways Chiropractic Can Fix Poor Posture

There are five major benefits of receiving chiropractic posture correction care from our chiropractor, Dr. Foss.

Raises Your Awareness of the Situation

Posture is probably not the first thing to come to mind when your neck, back, or another part of the body is in pain. However, problems due to poor posture can develop over time because most people do not pay attention to the alignment of their body. According to a recent study, people between the ages of 18 and 30, who were otherwise healthy, had considerably reduced range of motion in the neck due to poor posture. When you come to Vital Wellness Center, you will undergo a thorough postural evaluation that will bring to your attention the various ways that poor posture restricts your mobility.

Educates You on Posture and its Importance to Your Overall Health

Since posture originates from the spine, poor posture can affect the entire body. One example of this is text neck. When the head is lowered, even slightly, to look at your cell phone, the weight on your neck muscles is doubled. At first, you may not notice the issue that this is causing, but it can eventually lead to pain in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Chiropractic can correct poor posture, which contributes to widespread dysfunction. When you come to Vital Wellness Center for chiropractic posture correction, we strive to restore optimal spinal and nervous system function. When the nerves are in good health, the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems can all optimally perform.

Helps You Make Posture-Correcting Lifestyle Changes.

The advantages of chiropractic posture correction may sound great, but understanding and applying them are two distinct endeavors. For instance, in a society when technology is pervasive, how can you find a way to limit your smartphone use to fewer than four hours per day to prevent problems with your respiratory flow? Vital Wellness Center provides the necessary resources and support in order for you to live a healthier lifestyle, whether you need to cut back on smartphone use or alter your diet.

Gets to the Root of the Problem

Chiropractic can correct poor posture by addressing the underlying cause of the issue. Vital Wellness Center believes that optimal spinal alignment improves overall well-being by enhancing nerve function. The majority of people are most likely aware that chiropractic posture correction can improve their appearance and decrease their back pain. However, they are probably not aware that current research shows upright posture improves mood and reduces fatigue in people who experience mild to moderate depression.

Provides Objective Progress Monitoring

Your progress is objectively monitored by Vital Wellness Center. Our chiropractor, Dr. Foss, evaluates your spine, joint health, and posture to ensure that everything is moving and aligning properly. He may also arrange imaging studies in order to give you a visible picture of your progress.

Chiropractic can correct poor posture and improve overall health by utilizing gentle and scientific posture correction methods. Are you ready to reap the benefits of chiropractic posture correction? If so, give Vital Wellness Center a call today.

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