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Vital Wellness Center is one of the leading chiropractic clinics in Elburn, IL, offering comprehensive medical care that focuses on putting you at the helm of your healthcare. In addition to advanced diagnostics and traditional chiropractic care, we offer a variety of powerful therapies to enhance your wellness journey.

The Mission of Our Chiropractic Wellness Center

At Vital Wellness Center, our mission is at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is optimizing health through resetting the nervous system through comprehensive chiropractic care. Our Chiropractic Clinic offers science-based therapies, including spinal realignment, therapeutic spine exercise, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Whichever treatment you’re receiving, we offer compassionate care design to help move you toward your health goals.

Conditions We Treat At Our Chiropractic Clinic

At our Chiropractic Clinic, we specialize in supporting optimal nervous system function. The brain and the spinal cord must clearly and constantly communicate. This intricate and delicate team is responsible for your heart, lungs, and other organs essential for life. It also helps you move through the world and your life with intention. Without a properly functioning nervous system, approaching your potential is an uphill climb.

An optimally functioning nervous system is like an army of spies carrying information from the outside world and your body to your brain. The other half of this process is that your brain sends signals to your body to keep you alive and act in ways you intend. When the spine is misaligned, communication is disrupted, delayed, or diminished.

Subluxation is the medical term for this spinal misalignment. The nervous system travels everywhere, so subluxations can cause difficulty throughout the body. Some conditions that can benefit from treating subluxations include:

● Headaches
● Low back pain
● Rotator cuff injury
● Fibromyalgia
● Chronic Fatigue

These are only a sampling of the conditions that can benefit from our care. Remember, the primary aim of our Chiropractic Clinic is to remove barriers to open communication between your brain, spinal cord, and other body parts. When we treat any issues you have, you can also reap benefits in other areas. This is not uncommon and is witness to the influential role a properly functioning neurological system plays in overall health.

What To Expect At Our Wellness Center

When you first visit our Chiropractic Clinic, you’ll complete new patient paperwork so we can get to know your complete health history. As you look around our lobby, you’ll see amenities like our Natural Pharmacy and Kid’s Corner. You’ll also enjoy our warm, inviting, and calming environment.

Once you’re in Dr. Foss’ office, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. He is an experienced chiropractor who wants you to tell him how he can best help you. At our Chiropractic Clinic, you are in charge of your health. Therefore, your thoughts and goals for yourself are taken just as seriously as the chiropractor’s ideas.

If it’s your first visit, we will assess your spinal alignment and nerve function through medical examination and testing. We’re proud to offer computerized neurological scans to view your brain and neurological system. We also take digital X-rays to assess your spinal alignment.

When it’s time for an adjustment, we have two adjustment bays for your use. One of these areas features specialty maternity and pediatric chiropractic equipment. Children are essential to our practice, and we want you to know that research supports pediatric chiropractic treatment. Recently, researchers studied 881 children aged eight to 17 and found that after one month of chiropractic adjustment, the children reported less depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain.

At our Chiropractic Clinic, we’re just as passionate about caring for senior citizens. Strokes occur when either a clot blocks blood flow to the brain or bleeding occurs in the brain. In either case, strokes can lead to problems with moving limbs, speaking, or thinking. Recent research showed 86% of senior citizens who had strokes experienced improved cognitive function after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We’re pleased to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy in our office. We offer other science-backed therapies, including cold laser treatment, targeted spinal exercises, and an infrared sauna.

Why Choose Vital Wellness Center

In addition to offering research-based treatments, we have an experienced staff. Dr. Foss has practiced for nearly two decades and holds leadership positions in numerous chiropractic and other health-related organizations. Every intervention we recommend is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Another reason to come to our Chiropractic Clinic is our place in the community. We’re just everyday people who live in your neighborhood, send our kids to local schools, and want to improve life for ourselves. We demonstrate dedication to our community by working to raise the standard of health for everyone.

Experience Exceptional Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractic Clinic staff is extremely conscientious, remarkably detail-oriented, relentlessly dedicated to delivering the highest level of care possible. We’re very proud of the results that people like you have achieved with our assistance, and we’d like nothing more than a chance to help move you toward your potential.

If you’d like to get to know us, please book an appointment using our online scheduler and stop in for a visit. We can also speak with you on the phone or answer questions through email. No matter how you choose to contact us, our Chiropractic Clinic looks forward to helping you move toward optimal health.

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