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Depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation are not conditions one usually associates with back pain; however, in a recent study conducted by the Global Burden of Disease, these symptoms were found to be twice as common amongst people with back pain. Our upper back pain chiropractor at Vital Wellness Center understands how pain can impact the lives of our patients. Upper back pain can profoundly affect careers, relationships, and quality of life whether it is short or long-term.

Since the heart of chiropractic for upper back pain is about finding the underlying causes of pain and resolving them, our approach to treatment is focused on finding solutions and getting results. The following overview of upper back pain and its chiropractic for upper back pain solutions has been developed to help provide our patients with the information they need to make important decisions regarding their health.

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can have a variety of causes since the upper back is used for so many activities. Sometimes the cause is obvious such as with a sports injury or a car accident, but there are times when finding the cause of upper back pain is difficult to pinpoint.

Our upper back pain chiropractor has identified the following underlying conditions that can cause this form of pain:

  • Whiplash
  • Muscle strain
  • Herniated discs
  • Compression fractures
  • Scoliosis

Vital Wellness Center takes a whole-life approach to treatment that can help to identify chronic habits that may impact pain significantly. Poor posture while sitting at the computer is an example of this. Since many students and workers spend several hours every day sitting at a computer, correcting poor posture while sitting and moving can reduce the likelihood of an upper back issue, improve quality of life, and diminish pain.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can have a wide range of causes. As a result, our chiropractor for upper back pain treats patients with varying symptoms. The most common symptoms involve soreness, stiffness, sharp pain, and pain that radiates from the upper back to other parts of the body. Nerve issues can sometimes develop causing our patients to feel a “pins-and-needles” sensation or weakness in the back.

Upper back pain can occur gradually or happen suddenly. Pain can also sometimes be delayed. This is typical following an accident when stress hormones may cause the pain to be less apparent. Some of our patients describe the following upper back pain symptoms.

Sharp Pain

Many people think of sharp pain when they contemplate back pain. This type of pain is typically confined to one area when it comes to upper back pain. Patients have stated it feels like a crushing, burning, or stabbing sensation.


Soreness may seem like the result of a long work day or an uncommonly intense pick-up basketball game played over the weekend. This can be a throbbing pain, and the ache can also be felt in neighboring bodily regions such as the neck, shoulders, and middle back.


In our experience at Vital Wellness Center, our patients tend to limit their movement due to pain in the back. This can result in upper back stiffness. This stiffness does not interfere too much with upper back function since it is not the most mobile region of the back. It can, however, cause a challenge when rotating the arms or lifting an object with them.

Moving Pain

Since nerves carry sensation, upper back pain can radiate through the nerves causing pain in other parts of the body such as the stomach, arms, and lower areas of the body. It generally occurs on just one side of the body and can feel like an electrical shock, an ache, or a stabbing pain.

Nerve Involvement

Upper back pain can travel as a “pins-and-needles” sensation throughout the chest, arms, and lower parts of the body if the nerves become more involved. Everyday tasks can become more difficult such as trying to lift medium-weight or heavier items or trying to throw an object. It can also interfere with resting and sleeping.

Warning Signs You Should See Our Chiropractor for Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is always worthy of attention, but several indications can cause people to search for an “upper back pain chiropractor near me” or call us at Vital Wellness Center. Pain requires immediate medical intervention whenever it makes everyday activities agonizing or is so intense that it interferes with sleep. This is also true for pain that has lasted for more than a few days.

Our patients should come see us after falls or car accidents. Since accidents are traumatizing, going without treatment can cause detrimental compensatory movement patterns to develop and compound the original injury. Our chiropractor for upper back pain helps to prevent further damage by treating any sustained injuries.

Occasionally, an injury is not apparent. Signs of damage that people commonly overlook are swollen areas or reddened skin on the upper back. Extra blood rushes to the site when an injury occurs to bring oxygen, healing nutrients, and other biochemicals needed for the healing process. Seek chiropractic for upper back pain consultation if the area is painful, red, or swollen for more than a few days.

“Pins-and-needles” is not just a benign condition that occurs when a foot “falls asleep.” It is a sign of nerve dysfunction when it coincides with upper back pain. As a result, it should be treated immediately whether or not it is accompanied by weakness.

Other red flags indicating more extensive issues are pain in the jaw, neck, or other areas of the body. Some other telltale signs that patients have reported include weakened arms, facial pain, and headaches.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Upper Back Pain

When patients see us for upper back pain at Vital Wellness Center, alleviating their pain is our first goal. Whether it occurs in the ligaments, muscles, or bones, feeling pain makes it more difficult to move and makes everyday life more stressful. Walking, exercising, and other daily activities can benefit the body in many ways, so our objective is to relieve the pain that can limit movement.

Restoring function is another goal of chiropractic medicine. Although the upper back does not have as noticeable a role in the movement of the hips or elbows, it does have numerous functions related to maintaining good posture for breathing, normal organ functioning, and helping the arms to move freely.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Whether our patients found us by recommendation from friends or by searching the internet for a “chiropractor for upper back pain near me,” they were ready to feel better. Fortunately, Vital Wellness Center has a wide variety of treatments to build better health and relieve back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustment is a hands-on therapy that involves the manipulation of the body in various ways. Diversified adjustments and biophysics techniques are two types of adjustments we perform. The diversified modality involves quick thrusts to the facet joints in the spine to bring it back into a healthier alignment, while the biophysics-based technique realigns the spine, improving posture.

The goal is optimal spinal alignment no matter which type of adjustment is being performed. Since the spinal cord is protected by the spine, keeping the spine healthy preserves the function between the spinal cord, brain, and all of the body’s nerves. When the neurological system is functioning correctly, the body can accurately perceive pain and work to heal damage to the upper back.


Chiropractic massage increases blood flow to the upper back, further optimizing the healing process. This aids in getting oxygen and additional nutrients to the upper back. It also provides soothing pain relief by relaxing tense muscles.

Customized Lifestyle Enhancement Program

Individualized, nutrient-dense eating plans and customized movement help to build healthier bodies for our patients. This strengthens the body, thereby minimizing the risk of injury in the future. It can also reduce stress on the upper back by helping to achieve or maintain healthy body weight.

Upper Back Pain Solutions for You

In its earlier stages, upper back pain can be easy to ignore. Sadly, according to our upper back pain chiropractor, postponing treatment can lead to further injury and pain. Give yourself the best chance at healing from upper back pain by calling Vital Wellness Center today.

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