Lily Lake, Illinois

Located in Kane County, Illinois, the community of Lily Lake is a small, rural village just five minutes away from Vital Wellness Center in the Elburn, Illinois area. The village can be found 15 miles southwest of Elgin and 50 miles west of Chicago and is part of the far western portion of the Chicago metro region. The village was incorporated in November of 1990, and as of the 2010 census, the population consisted of 993 residents.


Lily Lake was originally known as Canada Corners and is located in the western portion of Campton Township at the intersection of what is currently Illinois Route 47 and Empire Road/Indian Creek Trail and Hanson Road. A man by the name of William Kendall, an Englishman who arrived in the area in 1836, was the first person to settle in the region. It is thought that he built his home and settled on Empire Road. 

In the same year, another settler by the name of Eliphalet Read arrived from New Brunswick, Canada. With him, he brought his sister, Elizabeth, her husband, James Outhouse, and their only two children at the time. James settled in the area around Lily Lake on Wooley Road and eventually had a total of seven children. They were “cultivating the banks of Lily Lake” by the year 1837, and in 1838, the parents of Eliphalet, Joshua and Priscilla Read, also settled in Lily Lake. Mary Campbell, the great, great granddaughter of James Outhouse, and her husband still live and farm on the land at Wooley Road today.

The lake was one of the first resources for the growing community. It was a source of food and clothing for migrating Native Americans prior to the 1800s where they would fish and also hunt in the hills. For the early settlers of Lily Lake and Ferson Creek, it was a good source of food, water, and energy for the saw mill located on Hanson Road. Currently, what was once a 12 acre body of water is now just a pond and wetland area; however, wildlife is abundant throughout the year. Lily Lake remains a major recharge area contributing to the aquifers that serve the village and Campton Township.  

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