Maple Park, Illinois

The village of Maple Park, IL is a peaceful community located in both DeKalb and Kane counties and is only a 10 minute drive from Vital Wellness Center in the town of Elburn, IL. Although the portion of Maple Park that is found in DeKalb County has more area, the majority of the population resides in Kane County. Illinois Route 38 passes through the southern part of the village, leading east 15 miles to Geneva and west 8 miles to DeKalb. It is also approximately 50 miles west of downtown Chicago. The village of Maple Park embodies a total area of just over two square miles and has a total population of about 1,400 residents. 


The beautiful village of Maple Park was founded by Zachariah Hawthorn and Andrew Pingree in 1854. However, it was not incorporated as a town until 1865. The community, as well as the post office that was established in 1837, were originally called “Lodi.” This name was derived from Lodi Lombardy, which is a city located in northern Italy. The village was later renamed to reflect a grove of sugar maple trees that can be found in the vicinity of Maple Park. In addition to the village, the post office was also renamed Maple Park in the year of 1880.

Residents in the community benefit from a safe, peaceful living environment with a wealth of options nearby. Casey’s General Store offers carry-out pizza if that’s what you’re craving, and kids of all ages love the Cream King ice cream truck. If you’re looking for the best craft beer and burgers, you can find them at the Lodi Tap House or at Bootleggers Bar, Grill & Pizza. In addition to great food, The Kuipers Family Farm offers fun, seasonal activities for the entire family to enjoy, as well as a beautiful venue for special occasions, such as weddings. One of Maple Park’s strongest assets is the sense of community. The residents of Maple Park are devoted to the small-town way of life but are also willing to share it with growth and commerce.

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