La Fox, Illinois

La Fox is an unincorporated community located in Blackberry Township, Kane County, IL and is only five miles away from Vital Wellness Center in the town of Elburn, Illinois. La Fox can be found four miles west of Geneva and five miles east of Elburn. It also functions as a station on the Metra’s Union Pacific West Line. The La Fox community is usually defined as the area bound by Route 38 and Keslinger, Harley, and Brundige Roads.


The original inhabitants of La Fox were Native Americans who lived in the area until 1833 when Chief Waubonsee sold the land to the State of Illinois. Over the next several years, most of the Native Americans left the region. In 1834, William Lance became the first permanent European settler to Kane County. The area that eventually became Blackberry and Campton Townships was surveyed by Silas Reed in 1842. 

By the middle of the 1840s, many farmers from New York State settled on the rich, agricultural land in northern Blackberry Township, which would later become La Fox. In 1854, Otis Jones and Joseph Shepherd sold a portion of their farmland to the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad for the establishment of the Dixon Air Line. This was the first era of development in the La Fox community. The original name of the community was Kane Station but was later changed when the La Fox post office in present-day Geneva was moved to what is known as La Fox today. 

In 1994, Kane County declared the twenty-five properties in the La Fox community to be a preservation district. This designation is given to areas meeting specific historic criteria by state statute. The preservation district in La Fox has been named as a virtually-intact crossroads town of the nineteenth century. To highlight this point, only eight new buildings were built in La Fox between 1931 and 2000.

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