Johnson’s Mound Forest Preserve

Approximately five miles away from Vital Wellness Center in the Elburn, Illinois area, is the Johnson Mound Forest Preserve with an awesome view of the rolling prairie and great hiking trails. The preserve is a heavily wooded, classic example of a stratified gravel hill also known as “kame.” Glacial ice and water deposited the kame in this area some ten thousand years ago. A highlight of the mid-county landscape, the preserve rises fifty feet above the surrounding tributaries of Blackberry Creek and the glacial outwash plain. 

When you visit Johnson’s Mound Forest Preserve you will discover a peaceful tranquility deep in the woods that gives a nice “get away from it all” feeling that only a quiet walk in the woods can bring, as well as the beautiful nature-preserve surroundings. Located just outside the woods is a sledding hill, a mowed five acre area for recreational use, and a cabin perfect for small gatherings. During the 1980s, the preserve was expanded with the addition of open fields to the north where woodland and prairie restorations are underway. 

 A hike through the ravines offers a quiet and peaceful outdoor nature experience you will surely enjoy. The paved road and a dirt trail that cuts through the kame are available for hiking at the preserve. The paved road will lead you to the dirt trail which takes you over and through the scenic and peaceful woods. 

A few highlights of the preserve include the lush, intimate woodland kame, quiet ravines, and in April, the spring wildflowers put on a show. The hillsides come alive with false rue anemone, spring beauty, and cutleaf toothwort flowers. Also make sure to keep an eye out for colonies of large-flowered bellwort. Two of the best times of the year to visit Johnson’s Mound Forest Preserve are in springtime to view the beauty of the wildflowers in bloom and in fall to experience the changing colors of the season.

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