Elburn Forest Preserve

One of Kane County’s oldest preserves, The Elburn Forest Preserve is less than five minutes away from Vital Wellness Center in the town of Elburn, Illinois. This forest area is rich in oak, hickory, and many other types of trees. It is also home to what is known to be the biggest shagbark tree in Kane County. The preserve is rich with wildlife that includes raccoons, white-tailed deer, and flying squirrels. 

The Elburn Forest Preserve touches four different townships and is a morainal, gravel hill at the county watershed divide that separates the Fox and Kishwaukee River Basins. The preserve is a high quality savanna woodland that is filled with black, white, and bur oak trees as well as shagbark hickory trees. You can also find a lot of classic, spring ephemeral plants such as trillium, violets, and buttercups. 

Being one of the oldest preserves in the county, it has become very popular and well used by a great deal of county residents, families, and groups for gatherings and picnics. There is a beautiful, old stone shelter constructed from the salvage of an Elburn church that existed during the Great Depression. It is a testament to the artisans of that time and remains in very good condition to this day. The area is also known as a squirrel preserve where you can find fox, gray, and flying squirrels living harmoniously with one another. The house at Elburn is used by the Fox Valley Wildlife Center for the rehabilitation of the area’s native wildlife.

If you enjoy hiking, the best trail in the preserve is the Elburn Preserve Eastwoods and South Grasslands Trail. This trail is a loop that is approximately 2.7 miles long and takes about 53 minutes to complete. It is also the longest in the preserve and is great for walking, hiking, and trail running.

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