Gas Pedal / Brake Pedal

There are two major parts to the nervous system. If a childs spine becomes misaligned it sends a stress signal. When your nervous system is stuck in fight or flight it is not in the growth and development stage. Chiropractic adjustment gets the stress response off of the nervous system, so the body can begin to heal and fight off infection.

Sensory Processing Disorders

A common problem associated with autism is sensory processing disorder. There are certain senses within your body. The vestibular system takes in all of the external senses. If it is not functioning properly you get negative responses like not being able to sit still, behavioral issues, changes in personality. Misalignment will affect how the body responds. We treat autism with chiropractic care and have a passion for autism and helping children.

Causes of ADHD

The numbers of autism are increasing. Chiropractic is about locating and correcting misalignments of the spine that put stress and interference on the nervouse system. We treat autism helping the brain and nervous system function properly. We treat emotional stress, chemical stress and toxicity and physical stress and tension. I check for tension, subluxation. Making sure the spinal cord is in alignment. Chiropractic can change autistic children’s lives.