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  • Viva Las Vagus!

    As much as I love watching some classic Elvis shows in Vegas, new studies on the vagus nerve and its implications to those with autism spectrum disorders make me sing, “Viva Las Vagus!”  We can now understand so much more about the reasoning behind some of the behaviors that those with autism exhibit because of…

  • 9 Tips to Alleviate Back Pain While Driving

    Person driving a car

    Driving can take you to some fantastic destinations, whether you’re traveling on vacation with family or to a job you love. Unfortunately, driving is also notorious for what it can bring you: unwanted back pain. What Causes Back Pain While Driving? Understanding how time behind the wheel causes muscular imbalances and other pain promoters can…

  • Teal Pumpkin Project® at Vital Wellness Center!

    Teal Pumpkin Project

  • New Patient Back-to-School Special!

      It’s “back-to-school” for the kids and we can help them learn! New Patient Special: Make a donation to our school supply drive and receive a FREE chiropractic exam and x-rays for your child!* Drop off supplies at: Vital Wellness Center 880 North Main Street Elburn, IL 60119 For more information give us a call: (630)…

  • Vaccine Safety Workshop July 18th, 2018

    If your head is spinning from all the questions regarding vaccines, then you don’t want to miss this informative workshop! Dr. Foss will go over these questions and break down the myths and share the facts regarding vaccines. It’s important to educate yourself before you make such important decisions for you and your family!

  • July 2018 Special!

    10% off CBD oil products during the month of July!

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