Hinckley, Illinois

The village of Hinckley is located in the Squaw Grove Township in DeKalb County, IL and is just a short drive away from Vital Wellness Center within Elburn, IL. This quiet community offers residents the benefits of small town living, with peaceful, tree-lined streets and beautiful home gardens. Based on the 2010 census, the village of Hinckley encompasses a total area of just under one square mile and consists of approximately 2,000 residents.


The quaint community of Hinckley is proud of its rich history and was discovered by one Mr. Hollenbeck, who lived near Ottawa, IL. He was traveling through this unsettled territory in the 1830s and came across a grove of trees west of present-day Hinckley. He named the area Squaw Grove after the Native American women who were tending a camp at the site. Word soon spread about this undeveloped land, and, in the spring of 1835, a man named John Sebree moved to the area where he constructed a log home for his family. Soon after, more families decided to move and settle here and in a short time, Squaw Grove became a small town. 

The village of Hinckley was founded during the 1870s by Francis Hinckley, president of the Chicago and Iowa Railroad. The railroad was built half a mile east of the village of Squaw Grove, and was later renamed Hinckley. Within a few years, the first general store opened its doors, and by 1876 there were 20 businesses operating out of Hinckley. St. Paul’s Church was established in 1885 and the very first Hinckley volunteer fire brigade was organized in 1886. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 1889 when a powerful tornado nearly destroyed the entire village. In 1981, Hinckley assumed the role of the fictional town of North Crawford for director Jonathan Demme’s film adaptation of Who Am I This Time? starring Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken.

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Hinckley, Illinois

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